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IOPCA is the leading global council for the accreditation of professional training. We have been at the forefront of working with education to create professional cultivation standards and techniques that work.


IOPCA reached a credit mutual recognition agreement with many well-known universities in the States and IOPCA is also coordinate with CIAI, AIPQMI,COSA, IPQMI,-----etc.
well-known international organizations to hold global financial, taxation, investment, law, wealth management, securities management, economics and e-commerce and other issues of international symposiums.

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As an international association, the IOPCA enables our members to develop robust expertise for managing the massive volumes of finance, accounting, and enterprise management generated by today's businesses. For the past years we have worked to bring recognition of professional cultivation issues to the world. As a result, the IOPCA has adopted the role of industry catalyst for the development of professional specifications and global standards, and education... 


The status of Courtesy Associate is offered to organizations with which the IOPCA wishes to...

foster a closer working relationship...


Fellow of the Year Award
The purpose of this award is to recognize one IOPCA member for outstanding contribution(s) to the development and advancement of the professional cultivation and contribution(s) to the Institute completed in the previous calendar year.


Flexible Program Scope-industries and service sectors. Starting with planning, budgeting and controlling programs extending further to Professional Cultivational and Accreditation in general and on to functional programs in risk management and compliance or corporate governance.

Title of License

502119704 (CBSM) Certificate of Business Strategist Management

502119722 (CHRM) Certificate of Human Resource Management

502119729 (CJLP) Certificate of Japanese Language Professional (Level-C)

502119801 (CLBP) Certificate of Lounge-Bar Professionalmore...

502119710 (CRM) Certificate of Risk Management

502119731 (CCLP) Certificate of Chinese Language Professional (Level-B)

502119730 (CCLP) Certificate of Chinese Language Professional (Level-A)

502119732 (CCLP) Certificate of Chinese Language Professional (Level-C)

502119705 (CJLP) Certificate of Japanese Language Professional (Level-A)

502119706 (CJLP) Certificate of Japanese Language Professional (Level-B)

502119814 (CLBM) Certificate of Lounge-Bar Managermore...

502119707 (CLS) Certificate of Labor Safety

502119711 (CMM) Certificate of Marketing Management

502119802 (CNP) Certificate of Numerology Professional (Level-A)

502119803 (CNP) Certificate of Numerology Professional (Level-B)

502119804 (CNP) Certificate of Numerology Professional (Level-C)

502119708 (CP) Certificate in Photographic

502119709 (CQM) Certificate of Quality Management

502119806 (CWMP) Certificate of Wine Mixer Professional (Level-B)

502119807 (CWMP) Certificate of Wine Mixer Professional (Level-C)

502119805 (CWMP) Certificate of Wine Mixer Professional (Level-A)

502119702 (DMP) Doctor of Management Professional

502119703 (SEP) Structure Engineering Professional

502117442 Non-Profit Organization Project Management Professional

502110182 (BC) Baking Certificate

502110183 (BC) Bartender Certificate

502110184 (CAM) Certificate of Asset Manager

502110185 (CBM) Certificate of Business Management

502110219 (CC) Certificate of Cosmetologist

502110186 (CCSA) Certificate of Control Self-Assessment

502110187 (CFA) Chartered Financial Analyst

502110188 (CFM) Certified Financial Management

502110189 (CFM) Certificate of Functional Management

502110192 (CFP) Certified Financial Planner

502110190 (CFSA) Certified Financial Service Auditor

502110191 (CHCM) Certificate of Health Care Management

502110193 (CHD) Certificate in Hair  Design

502110194 (CHM) Certificate of Hospitality Management

502110195 (CHM) Certificate of Housekeeping Management

502110196 (CIA) Certified Internal Auditor

502110197 (CIE) Certificate of Industrial Engineering

502110198 (CISA) Certified Information System Auditor

502110199 (CITM) Certificate of Information Technology Management

502110200 (RFS) Recorded Financial Specialist

502110201 (CLM) Certificate of Logistics Management

502110202 (CMA) Certified Management Accountant

502110203 (CMA) Certificate of Market Analyst

502110204 (CMM) Certificate of Manufacturing Management

502110205 (CN) Certificate in Nanny

502110206 (CNM) Certificate of Network Management

502110207 (CPM) Certificate of Production Management

502110220 (CPM) Certificate of Portfolio Manager

502110208 (CPMP) Certificate of Project Management Professional

502110209 (CPRP) Certificate of Public Relation Professional

502110210 (CRA) Certificate of Risk Analyst

502110211 (CSM) Certificate of Sport Management

502110212 (CTEP) Certificate of Trust & Estate Planner

502110213 (PGC) Pet Groomer Certificate

502111363 (CBSM) Certificate of Business Strategy Management

502111364 (CA) Certificate of Agronomy

502111365 (CGD) Certificate in Gardening  Design

502111366 (NTC) Nail Technician Certificate

502111367 (FDC) Floral Design Certificate

502111368 (CMC) Certificate in Mental Calculation

502111369 (MCP) Master of Communication Professional

502111370 (CCM) Certified Communication Management

502111371 (CEE) Certified Electrical Engineering

502111372 (EEP) Electrical Engineering Professional

502111373 (EMP) Electrical Management Professional

502111374 (CHE) Certified Hydraulic Engineering

502111375 (HEP) Hydraulic Engineering Professional

502111376 (HEMP) Hydraulic Engineering Management Professional

502111377 (CME) Certified Mechanical Engineering

502111378 (CIBHEP) Charted International Business Hosting Etiquette Professional

502111379 (CIBSEP) Chartered International Business Social Etiquette Professional

502111381 (CN) Certificate of Nursing(Level-A)

502111382 (CN) Certificate of Nursing(Level-B)

502111383 (CN) Certificate of Nursing(Level-C)

502111384 (CCW) Certificate of Commercial Wiring

502111385 (CIW) Certificate of Industrial Wiring

502111386 (CMC) Certificate of Micro-Controller (Specialist Class)

502111387 (CMC) Certificate of Micro-Controller (Practice Class)

502111388 (CECSU) Certificate of Electronic Components Soldering and Unsoldering (Specialist Class)

502111389 (CECSU) Certificate of Electronic Components Soldering and Unsoldering (Practice Class)

502111390 (CCT) Certificate of Communication Technology

502111391 (CTOP) Certificate of Telecommunication Outdoor Plant

502111392 (CDLD) Certificate of Digital Logic Design (Practice Class)

502111393 (CCSA) Certificate of Computer Software Application (B-level)

502111394 (CCSA) Certificate of Computer Software Application (C-level)

502111395 (CWD) Certificate of Web Design (B-level)

502111396 (CWD) Certificate of Web Design (C-level)

502111397 (CMWES) Certificate of Microsoft Word Expert Specialist (B-level)

502111398 (CMEES) Certificate of Microsoft Excel Expert Specialist (B-level)

502111399 (CMPPS) Certificate of Microsoft Power Point Specialist (B-level)

502111400 (CMAS) Certificate of Microsoft Access Specialist (B-level)

502111401 (CMOS) Certificate of Microsoft Outlook Specialist (B-level)

502111402 (CWCDS) Certificate of Web Communication Dreamweaver Specialist (B-level)

502111403 (CRMCFS) Certificate of Rich Media Communication Flash Specialist (B-level)

502111404 (CVCPS) Certificate of Visual Communication Photoshop Specialist (B-level)

502111405 (CM) Certificate of Mechetronics

502111406 (FBPCB) Food Baking-Pastry Cakes Bread (B-level)

502111407 (FBFB) Food Baking-Food Baking (B-Level)

502111408 (FBBC) Food Baking-Bread Cookies (B-Level)

502111409 (FBPC) Food Baking-Pastry Cakes (B-Level)

502111411 (FBPCC) Food Baking-Pastry Cakes Cookies (B-Level)

502111412 (FBBPCC) Food Baking-Bread Pastry Cakes Cookies (B-Level)

502111413 (FBS) Food Baking-Snacks (Chinese & Western Style) (B-Level)

502111414 (FBC) Food Baking-Cookies (Chinese & Western Style) (B-Level)

502111415 (FBCC) Food Baking-Cookies & Cakes (Chinese & Western Style) (B-Level)

502111416 (FBCB) Food Baking-Cookies & Bread (Chinese & Western Style) (B-Level)

502111417 (FBB) Food Baking-Bread (Chinese & Western Style) (B-Level)

502111418 (FBB) Food Baking-Bread (B-Level)

502111419 (FBC) Food Baking-Cookies (B-Level)

502111420 (FBPCB) Food Baking-Pastry Cakes Bread (C-level)

502111421 (FBBC) Food Baking-Bread Cookies (C-Level)

502111422 (FBPC) Food Baking-Pastry Cakes (C-Level)

502111423 (FBPCC) Food Baking-Pastry Cakes Cookies (C-Level)

502111424 (FBFB) Food Baking-Food Baking (C-Level)

502111425 (FBBPCC) Food Baking-Bread Pastry Cakes Cookies (C-Level)

502111426 (FBS) Food Baking-Snacks (Chinese & Western Style) (C-Level)

502111427 (FBC) Food Baking-Cookies (Chinese & Western Style) (C-Level)

502111428 (FBCC) Food Baking-Cookies & Cakes (Chinese & Western Style) (C-Level)

502111429 (FBCB) Food Baking-Cookies & Bread (Chinese & Western Style) (C-Level)

502111430 (FBB) Food Baking-Bread (Chinese & Western Style) (C-Level)

502111431 (FBB) Food Baking-Bread (C-Level)

502111432 (FBC) Food Baking-Cookies (C-Level)

502111433 (CCCV) Chinese Cuisine Cookery-Vegetarian diet(B-Level)

502111434 (CCCM) Chinese Cuisine Cookery-Meat diet (B-Level)

502111435 (CCCV) Chinese Cuisine Cookery-Vegetarian diet(C-Level)

502111436 (CCCM) Chinese Cuisine Cookery-Meat diet (C-Level)

502111437 (IMA) Internet Marketing Analyst (C-level)

502111438 (IMP) Internet Marketing Planner (C-level)

502111439 (CIBHEP) Certificate of International Business Hosting Etiquette Professional (C-level)

502111440 (CIBSEP) Certificate of International Business Social Etiquette Professional (C-level)

502111441 (CJT) Certificate of Jewelry Techniques (Level-A)

502111442 (CJT) Certificate of Jewelry Techniques (Level-B)

502111443 (CJT) Certificate of Jewelry Techniques (Level-C)

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